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Aygo ECU

Toyota Aygo, Peugeot 107 and citroen C1 Electrical Power Steering

These Vehicles all use the same electrical power steering system. they therefore suffer the same issues.

Most common is the electrical control unit (ECU) fails, this usually shows up with the power steering warning light coming on and the steering becoming heavy. If the power steering system has a diagnostic scan run on it, it will usually show fault codes C1554 power steering malfunction or Power supply failure.

We can repair your original unit and return it to you next day by special delivery. Repaired unit is covered by a three year gaurantee.

The power steering ecu is located up behind the plastic panel infront of the drivers knees, its fixed to the panel by two 10mm (socket size) bolts. There are 4 electrical connectors to remove all very easy to do.

The returned unit comes ready to fit there is no recoding or reseting just plug it back in and drive it away.

We can even come to you and carry out the repair at your premises.

Price for repair including return postage £100

Extra charges for comming to you = £1 per mile. One direction only from our postcode to yours (as defined by AA Autoroute online)

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Nissan Micra electrical Power Steerings

The new Nissan Micra 2002- 2010

Nissan along with other vehicle manufacturers have decided to use electrical power steering in the new Micra, This is basically a motor assisted steering column. The unit provides a very comfortable and positive feel to the vehicle steering. However these units do fail and when they do there seems very little or no prior warning. Your driving along quite happily all of a sudden the PS light on the dash comes on and the steering goes very heavy. A diagnostic scan of the control unit will usually show, power steering motor faults and power steering control faults.

We can arrange to collect your vehicle, remove the power steering unit complete. Either supply and fit a replacement power steering column or have your original unit overhauled.

According to a recent customer they were quoted £1200 by Nissan to carry out this repair. We can do this repair for £720 Complete with a full guarantee. Turn around times usually within 5 working days, often quicker.

Fiat Electrical Power Steering Problems

Many modern Fiat (Panda, Punto etc) come with a fully electrical power steering system (EPAS). This system relies on an electric motor and force sensors to assist the driver in steering the vehicle. Some Fiats have a “City”  button on the dash that applies more power to the steering, this makes manoeuvring in tight spots easier.
This power steering unit is located inside the vehicle and forms part of the steering column. There are no user serviceable parts IE no oil levels to check or belts to tighten.

There have been many reported failures of the power steering system and the general opinion is the power steering will do about 50,000 miles before a failure. This millage reduces substantially if the vehicle is driven with City button used continuously. The failure usually starts as intermittent illumination of the EPAS failure light on the dash. This in turn causes the power steering to be switched off. The fault sometimes clears with the resetting of the ignition but reappears very soon after. Gradually the fault gets worse until the EPAS failure light comes on as soon as the ignition is turned on. Other faults are excessive noise from the power steering unit, and electrical power steering in one direction only.

The only answer to these problems is to replace the power steering unit complete. Fiat do not sell an exchange unit, you have to buy a complete new unit, Prices vary from just over £300 +Vat to over £600 + Vat depending on model ETC The unit from Fiat comes with a 12 month guarantee only. On top of this there are labour charges for replacing the unit.

We however remove your original unit, Have it tested and rebuilt using better quality components, finally refitting the tested unit back into your vehicle. We offer a full 2 year guarantee on parts and labour. This service cost less than the Fiat replacement and offers twice the length guarantee. This service usually takes about 5 days from start to finish..

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