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Immobiliser Diagnostics Haywards Heath

From the late 80ís when car theft increased, insurance companies often insisted vehicles were fitted with some kind of alarm or immobiliser. Various alarm manufacturers created all kind of wonderful systems to try to prevent your pride and joy being stolen. Unfortunately these early immobiliser systems were often not installed very well, causing many problems in years to come.

We don't supply alarms or immobilisers. However we do offer a full alarm and immobiliser removal service on older vehicles. These vehicles usually operate the immobiliser or alarm using a separate remote control, or dongle inserted inside the vehicle.

We are not able to remove manufacturers alarms or immobiliser on most 'modern vehicles'. These systems are usually operated by the manufacturers key or remote control.

Disclaimer: We require Proof of ownership prior to removing or bypassing any immobiliser or alarm system.

Our experience of dealing with many immobiliser problems has highlighted a number of common problems with particular vehicle immobilisers. Some of these are documented below:

Rover MG Immobiliser
Immobiliser Fault Haywards Heath Sussex

Many Rover and MG's are fitted with a Lucas 5AS immobiliser system which is activated by the remote key fob. After a period of time the key fob stops working. It doesn't usually give up straight away it gets intermittent at first then it just gives up.

We cary spare Lucas 5AS immobiliser units and spare remote fobs. We can program both immobiliser unit and remote fobs to match your vehicle at the roadside using our diagnostic equipment.

We now have the necessary information to alter the coding inside the Lucas 5AS unit. This modification completely removes the immobiliser functions of the 5AS. When modified it allows you to unlock the doors with the key get in and start every time. This is all done without the need of a working key fob.

Renault Immobiliser
Immobiliser Repairs Brighton, Sussex

Renault vehicles manufactured from about 1994 until 2002 used an immobiliser system that requires the remote key fob to unset the immobiliser. If the immobiliser receiver module (usually located near the interior light) gets damaged or fails, the immobiliser won't reset and the vehicle is dead.†

Some Renaults have an emergency bypass system that enables you to input a secret bypass code into the vehicle using the central locking button.


BYPASS CODE: This secret bypass code is sometimes written along with the radio code in the front of the service book. If you haven't got your secret bypass code we can sometimes generate the correct code. For this we need the key number of the ignition key. This is usually on a white sticker fixed to the printed circuit board inside the key or written in black ink on the inside of the key housing. Very difficult to see, usually requires a torch and a magnifying glass.


PERMANENT BYPASS: We can supply and fit an immobiliser bypass module that ensures your vehicle starts every time. For this we need the secret bypass code. If you don't have the bypass code or key number, then we can retrieve the code from the Engine ECU.


Recent Example
Customer had Renault Scenic with defective remote / Immobiliser. Next day, using key identity number from inside key, we supplied a programmed immobiliser bypass module .

Just to let you know the Bypass Module has been installed without a hitch, and is fantastic, the answer to my frustration, and Renault said it couldn’t be done.
John England - West Midlands


Our experience of dealing with many immobiliser problems has highlighted a number of common problems with particular vehicles. Click on the relevant vehicle to learn more:

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