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’Q’…My driver's door keeps locking and unlocking whilst I'm driving

’A’…Usually, but not always, an early warning of a worn driver's door lock problem is the vehicle locks and unlocks whilst you’re driving. This is vibration causing the micro switches to operate. If not remedied, you may find that from the vehicle was working fine one day the next the central locking doesn't work and the vehicle won't start. You may also have had the engine disabled use remote on the dash. In this situation the EKA doesn't seem to want to work. The door lock has 3 internal micro switches that must operate in the correct sequence to satisfy the BECM security system. If the micro switches operate out of sequence due to wear, the BECM thinks the door is being forced open and sets the vehicle into alarm mode.  Obviously the EKA code is entered via the driver's door lock, if the door lock is faulty the EKA code can’t be entered.

’Q’…Help, my vehicle is immobilised

’A’…Due to the very complex nature of the P38 electronics the vehicle sometimes goes into a fully immobilised state and the instrument display will often show "Key Code Lockout".  When this happens, the engine is fully immobilised, and the central locking is turned off.  The vehicle designers understood that this would cause problems, so they designed a method of resetting the system using the driver’s door lock. To reset your system you can print or download instructions by clicking here.

’Q’…My door won’t lock or unlock

’A’…Each remote Key Fob has a unique identity and transmits this identity to the remote receiver located in the rear of the vehicle.  The remote receiver then sends this information to the BECM to unlock/lock the doors and switch off the Immobiliser.   A well-documented problem is the remote receiver fails due to age and then it seems to accept any frequency being transmitted within range, this can include central heating remote thermostats, garage door controllers etc.  This fault causes flat batteries and burnt out door locks due to the central locking, locking and unlocking the doors continuously.  The best option in this situation is to replace the central locking receiver.  Only use a new item from Range Rover they have modified the design to prevent this happening in the future.

A WORD OF WARNING, some deceitful people have purchased a new Remote receiver from Range Rover then taken the printed circuit board out of the new unit and swapped it with the printed circuit board from their old unit.  They have then put the new case containing the old defective board into the brand-new cardboard box and advertise it on (that well-known auction site) as a new type remote receiver.  If you need to replace your remote receiver get it from Range Rover.

’Q’…Can I resync my Remote?

’A’…Indeed you can, and you can print or download instructions on how to do so by clicking here.

Bear in mind each remote fob is coded to the vehicle and it’s impossible to match 2nd hand Range Rover fobs from one vehicle to another, unless you have the fob code from the original vehicle BECM.  All car electrics now can supply an aftermarket Key to work your vehicle.  We either need an original fob, which we can recover the fob code from, or a fob code obtained from your BECM.  It doesn’t matter if your original fob is not working, we can usually recover the fob code.  We can then program a new Key or Fob with this code. Please see picture for key type. New keys are supplied cut and will need synchronising to the vehicle.